Friday, April 11th-Enter a Secret World

Hey dancers! We’re super excited to announce that in addition to the awesome Followers’ Intensive taught by Justin Riley on Saturday, he will also be teaching the lesson on Friday before Indigo blues.

Here’s a brief description of the lesson that will take place from 8:30 to 9:30:
The Secret World Of Leading
In this class we will cover the foundational movements and concepts that make leading possible: posture, tone, body shaping, and direction. More importantly, we will develop the most important skill necessary for compelling and dynamic leading: the permission to creatively speak.

Afterwards, Julia will be DJing the first set from 9:30 to 11 and Justin will take over and play the second set from 11 to 1.

Cost as always is just $5. Hope to see you all there!

Friday, March 14th–It’s Pi Day, Pi Day, gotta go blues on Pi day!

Kick off Spring Break and work off all the pie you’ve eaten on this lovely Pi day by joining us tonight!
Instructors: Varvara & Tyler
Topic: Traveling: forward, backward, laterally and in promenade

Utilize your new rockin’ maneuvering skills as you dance to the tunes provided by our
First Set: Beatrice
Second Set: Matt from Wyoming!

I hope you can all make it!

Friday, February 28th–You Should Come Dancing, Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, tomorrow! We’re dancing, tomorrow!! It’s only a day away! And what brilliance tomorrow shall bring!
Instructors: Varvara & TylerDJs:
First Set: Tyler
Second Set: Varvara

I hope you can all make it out for an awesome night with these two amazing dancers!

PS. Only one week left to post your favorite/dying to try/night-making songs to our Community DJ night event page!

Friday, February 8th–Slip, Slide and Jive

I’m not the most elegant person when it comes to walking around in the ice and snow. I like to take the “penguin waddle” approach and still end up falling (quite comically) all too often. Sliding is much more fun across a dance floor in the arms of a fantastic dance partner! So, of course, I’m very excited that it is nearly Friday once again so I can slip and slide in style!

To warm you up, melt the icicles out of your hair (and beard, cuz apparently that’s a thing that is most uncomfortable) we have an awesome

Instructor: HeatherTopic: “How to make Moves Up”

Sounds like an exciting adventure to me!!
Following the awesome lesson, great tunes will be spun by our amazing…

First Set: RheaSecond Set: Ruth

I hope you can all make it out! (Remember to be safe on the roads! We want you here in one piece!)


P.S. Next week will be our Valentine’s Day Dance, check it out!

Friday, January 29–Last Jaunt of January

The months keep rolling right along! Come enjoy the last evening of January with us at Indigo Blues! We’ll be sure to bring in February with a flourish of amazing music and fantastic dances! 

Instructors: Ruth and Eric

This duo always has fun shenanigans and skills to teach you all! Be sure to check out the lesson!!


First Set: Eric

Second Set: Kevin

I hope you can all make it out!