Exciting Things to Come!

You may notice that this is the first post since 2015, that’s because we have a new Dance Board! In addition to the previous board members, Ruth and Josh, six new members have joined – Megan, Luke, Jess, Cassie, Deija, and Phoebe. Within the next few weeks, we’ll get bios up and pictures so that you can recognize us at the dance. You should know at least a few of us already, being that we’ve all hosted, taught, or DJ’ed at Indigo within the past few months. Keep an eye on our website and Facebook, we’ve got some events coming for you soon!

Femmebruary at Indigo Blues


We’re almost out of the grips of winter but until then, join us to warm up with some blues dancing. This month is Femmebruary and to celebrate the wonders of women, our lessons this month will feature all lady instructors. Check out what we have coming up:

February 5th
Lesson: Elise Roehrkasse – Blues Fundamentals
DJs: Rhea & Mike Lazear

February 12th
Lesson: Ruth Bruhn
DJs: Adin & Ruth

February 19th
Lesson: Danny Tryon
DJs: Nick Bonnet & Darlington

February 26th
Lesson: Julia Way
DJs: Julia & Seth


January at Indigo Blues

It’s going to be a cold month, so let’s warm things up in our new venue at Om Ananda Yoga. We had an excellent kick off to the year with over 120 people at our New Year’s dance. Let’s keep our numbers going strong through the rest of the month. Here’s what’s in store

January 8th – Lesson: Rhea and Darlington, Micro Blues – Focusing on close embrace, small movements, and signals suggested by the lead t the follow creating a connected dance in small spaces and dimension in the dance; DJs: Rhea and Jake; RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/1671770683095981/
January 15th – Lesson: Cierra Ruffin from Denver – Solo Blues; LIVE MUSIC with Dante Zapata; click here for more information.
January 22nd – Lesson: Tyler and Varvara – Advanced Fundamentals; DJs: Varvara and Allison Danish
January 29th – Lesson: Julia – Dancing Small; DJs: Julia and Austin Werth DJ debut

Indigo Blues: Year of the Phoenix


Indigo is moving onwards and upwards! (Literally.)

Welcome to Indigo’s year of the phoenix. Join us as we move from the basement ballroom at the Masonic Temple to our new home lofted above the streets of Old Town!

Join the renaissance of Indigo Blues. Bring your favorite socks (no outside shoes allowed on the floor!). Bonus points if you come decked out in flaming phoenix colors.

Special Occasion for the night:
#firstfriday snacks!
Glitter make-up to light up your face
Volunteer sweepstakes winners announced

Lesson on Connecting to your Partner and the Music from Ruth.
Melty, molten fusion blues sets provided by Julia and Darlington.

Our New Year resolution is to revamp Indigo Blues: Better space, better lessons, better music, better dances! Come help us check off item #1 and break in the new venue at Om Ananda Yoga (115 N College Ave #200)

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/442566602596581/


Indigo Goes Blues Bombing JJ Grey & Mofro Concert at the Aggie


These cool cats have music that is slow, hot and sweaty… and we dance to them in our dance halls all the time! Let’s get out and show them some visual expression of their sound! Join us for dinner before the show at Old Chicago starting around 6pm. Doors for the show start at 7pm.

Cost: $25 now, $35 at the door

Event is for 16 yrs and up


Music Sample:


***PLEASE NOTE: This means that the regularly scheduled dance at the Masonic Temple is CANCELLED***

She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain When She Comes

This week’s dance is going to be epic! We have Kara Fabina coming up from Colorado Springs to teach a lesson on Funk Styles: Cross-training is useful to push past any learning plateaus or create your own style of movement. Kara will be sharing her love of funk styles, such as locking, hip hop, and popping movements. She’ll help you bring out your inner dance freak.

11010522_834348389078_3070482336470122681_nKara Fabina is an international dance instructor based in Colorado Springs. Since 2008 she has been teaching and competing jazz, swing and blues throughout the world. Having been dancing for almost two decades, Kara brings both knowledge and experience to the dance floor. She has been recognized internationally for her choreography as well as her achievements in competitions. As an instructor, she stresses connection with one’s partner, connection to the music, and intention in dancing. Her real passion is to become a dance historian and study each style’s rich history and culture.

Following the Lesson, Kara will be trading off sets with our house DJ, Julia, in both blues and fusion.

It’s not a night to be missed and, as always, the dance is only $5! If you want to get into the dance for FREE you can sign up to volunteer at the door. Email fortcollinsblues@gmail.com for more information.

Going on now through the end of December, each time you volunteer to work the door, set up, or take down, your name will be entered into our sweepstakes. The drawing will be held at our first dance in 2016.

St. Patty’s Day Double Whammy

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Indigo Blues as we welcome a very special guest instructor from Portland, OR, Brenda Russell! She will be teaching our lesson this Friday and will be DJing the first half of the dance for us as well. Not only that, but she will be teaching a Blues Immersion workshop on Saturday and Sunday (March 14-15) in Boulder and Denver. There is still room to register and the cost is only $80 for the whole weekend! (This includes the cost of Indigo Blues on Friday night as well as the Dancing Root on Sunday)

RSVP to our Facebook event here.

More information on Brenda:

brenda-rose-city-black-dress-BWBrenda is fulfilling her childhood dream as a professional dancer and instructor. Brenda’s early dance training included about 30 dance styles. She has also studied musical history and theory, dance history, dance instruction, several physical health methods, and other related subjects adding to her knowledge of the body, dance, music, and teaching. Brenda continues to study and train with coaches, historians, and practitioners, always striving to increase her understanding and ability.Brenda has put the majority of her focus over the past many years into the Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, West Coast Swing, and Salsa communities. She believes we are all born with dance in our bodies, and that each of us can use this activity as a means for personal expression, connecting with others, and exercise. Brenda loves the image of being able to dance anytime, anywhere, to any music, alone, or with anyone. She spends her time living this dream for herself while assisting her students in accomplishing their personal dance goals.

More information on the Workshop:
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/467637086717056/
Registration: https://squareup.com/market/outtapocketmedia-sq

Celebrate Black History Month at Indigo Blues

Let’s get back to the roots of blues and find out where this amazing dance form came from. Join us in February for classes focusing on African Roots movements, traditional blues, and the culture and history of blues dancing. We will be featuring special instructors every Friday to broaden your knowledge of blues dancing and teach you some very specific movements you can add to your dance vocabulary.

February 6th
Join us at the Empire Grange this week as the Masonic Temple is under renovation.
Lesson: Kendra Sarmento – African Roots Movement
Bring your dance back to the roots of blues by exploring African drum beats, body shapes and story lines through our movements.
DJs: Ruth Bruhn and Eric Grunzke
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/347844925418378/?notif_t=plan_user_joined

February 13th
We’ll be back at the Masonic Temple with a Noir-themed Valentine’s dance. Bring your fancy fedoras, cigarette holders, moustaches, and vintage attire for a night of sneaky backroom deals and tomfoolery.
Lesson: Aimee Eddins
DJs: Aimee & Nathanael Volckening

For more information on this event, see our Special Events page
RSVP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/396932530482968/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

February 20th
Lesson: Joe DeMers – Dancing Blues Music History
Take a journey with Joe DeMers through the evolution of Blues music and dancing. We’ll start with Juba, move to Gospel, Delta Blues, Urban Jazz, and other forms. Learn different steps and rhythm patterns to dance each type.
DJs: Joe & Jake Sumearll

February 27th
Lesson: Emunah Selah
DJs: Emunah & Darlington Wleh

Swinging with the Lindy at the Savoy Ballroom

Dance-cember Schedule is Up!

Chilly weather is perfect for snuggling up close and doing some blues dancing. Join us for the month of December to take part in some fantastic lessons and fabulous music. Here’s what we’ve got in store for you:

December 5th – Indigo Night

Come dressed in shades of indigo and dance the night away. We’ll be taking a group picture of everyone in blue around announcements time. Following a lesson by Jake Sumearll and Rhea Gluckman called “Close Embrace – Slow, Lyrical, and Glitch,” you’ll be treated to some tunes from Adin Van Duyne and Nathanael Volckening.

December 12th

Lesson – TBA

DJs: Jake Sumearll & Kevin Fleischmann

December 19th

Lesson – TBA

DJ: Julia Way

December 26th – Dance Canceled

We’ll be canceling the dance since it is the day after Christmas, but get pumped because the following dance will be our New Year’s Eve celebratory dance-a-thon.