Mama and Papa teach and DJ

I am excited for this week’s lesson. Why? Because it’s Mama and Papa. They are my favorite dancing couple and their lessons are always fun and educational. So try and make that.

Also, because Mama and Papa are so awesome, they will be our first DJ set of the night. They always play the really good stuff and I can’t wait to hear what they have for us this week. Then, Adin of Swing and Blues at Old Town Yoga will follow that up by DJing the second half of the night and he won’t disappoint either.

One comment

  1. SURPRISE CHANGE OF PLANS! Dexter Santos ( an internationally aclaimed teacher is in town and willing to share his talents! He is going to share a selection of Jook Joint Styles (slow drag, the mooch and the grind). Mama and Doug Papa Jivecat Newlin will teach next week and will still be DJing frist set this week! THIS IS AN OPPORTUNITY NOT TO BE MISSED! BRING EVERYONE YOU KNOW!

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