Dexter Santos did not see where Blues dancing would take him when he discovered it in 2005 having a background previously in ballroom dancing and Lindy Hop. Yet he found himself immediately drawn to the rhythms and sounds of the Blues that made his movements feel so natural, soulful, and expressive. There was something about the music – its emotional depth and range, the varied tales and stories, the gut-wrenching and the hip-shaking, the gritty and the smooth – that gave Dexter’s dancing inspiration, passion, and a new direction. Since then, Dexter has studied and collaborated with the best Blues dance teachers and dancers who inspire him to make him who he is today in the Blues dance scene. Dexter teaches classes locally in San Francisco and has taught at nationally and internationally renowned exchanges and workshops such as bluesSHOUT, Austin Blues Party (Austin, TX), and Mile High Blues Festival (Denver), among many others. When he’s not teaching or performing, you’ll find Dexter “cutting his teeth” and refining his skills on the competition floor. Since the very first bluesSHOUT in St. Louis, Missouri in 2007, Dexter has won first place in numerous Blues dancing competitions around the country. If you attended Mile High Blues 2012 this past weekend, you would know that Dexter took first place in the Jack & Jill contest. Dexter is honored to be teaching once again at Indigo Blues at The Grange. To find out more about Dexter, visit his website at

This week he will teach a class in Jook Joint Style Dances (Blues Dancing).  Blues Dancing is a very hip-centric dance and from that comes a wide range of “Jook Joint Style” dances from the mess around, the slow drag, the funky butt, the grind, and the mooche, just to name a few. Beginning and intermediate blues dancers will find moves that will complement their knowledge and understanding of their blues basics while adding (and challenging) themselves with new ways to move. We’ll cover as many moves as possible. Expect your hips to get a workout!


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