Friday, August 31st–Nerbatcon!!

“Nerbatcon? What is this nonsense?” you may be asking yourself.

It’s my tragic attempt at trying to contain all the AWESOMENESS that is going on this week at Indigo Blues into one, fictitious noun. So let me break it down for you:

We’re wrapping up our August parties with Too Cool For School Nerd Night! Whip out that pocket protector and let you’re inner nerd shine!

CONTEST–a free night of dancing for the biggest flock/gaggle/herd of nerds!
We’re all about breaking down the sterotype that us nerds are anti-social creatures. So grab you’re nerdy friends, dress the part and show up to the lesson together at 8:30! The biggest group of nerds wins a free night of dancing! You’ll be counted as you come in the door, so assemble yourselves before you walk in. You must be on time to the lesson!! The contest will end at 8:40. Don’t worry if some of your friends are new to dancing. There will be a beginner lesson, so start wrangling up your friends!

Just when you thought a night couldn’t be more awesome than a room of nerds foggin’ up their glasses, we’re throwing in a…

DJ’s Bud, Flip, Cal and Jake will be going set to set all night to bring you rockin’ tuneage. You’re votes will decide who’s the winner of the $50 prize.

To sum up we have: nerd night + herd-of-nerds contest + DJ battle = OVERFLOW ERROR–CANNOT COMPUTE–TOO MUCH AWESOME!!

See you nerdlings there!

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