Friday, September 7th–Rockin’ Rolls

Instructor: Brittany
Topic: 1st half–Body Rolls and Isolations
2nd half–Open: what would you like to learn?

Are you looking to add that little extra pizazz to your dance? Or maybe you’re dying to impress your partners but when the perfect moment arrives, all you’ve got in your arsenal is a little wiggle of your eyebrows. Dread those moments no longer, for this week our lovely Brittany is devoting the first half of this week’s class to Isolations and Body Rolls, loading you with perfect moves to bust out with a partner or solo. Then, after she’s stocked you up with moves, she’ll be opening up the lesson topic to whatever anyone would like to work on! Be sure to be there on time at 8:30 to get your full dose of awesome!

Once the lesson is over and you’re bursting with ideas to take out onto the floor, we’ll hand it over to our

First Set:       Rhea
Second Set:  Brittany

Hope to see you all there for another amazing night of dancing!

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