Wednesday, September 19–Swanky Swing, How Beachy!

Amazing dancing happens other places than just Indigo Blues. Crazy! I know! Let me elaborate on one such location and event definitely worth sauntering over to:

What: CSU’s Swing Society bossonova Beach Bash
Where: Ram Skeller in the Lory Student Center on CSU’s campus
When: Wednesday, September 19, 7:30-10:30pm
What treats you’re in for:
–costume contest!
–limbo dancing!
–prizes galore!
–availability of alcoholic drinks to purchase if you’re 21+
and of course…

CSU’s Swing Society is throwing a Beach Bash and let me tell you, my wonderful bluesies, blues dancing and swing dancing are tight. Doing one helps you rock out at the other, so I highly suggest you check it out!! In addition, those of age (that age being 21) are welcome to purchase alcohol at Ram Skeller. So it’s like a classy speakeasy…on the beach! How much swankier can you possibly be?

Hope to see you classy lads and ladies there!!



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