Firday October 26th–Halloween Dance Extravaganza!!

Tis the season for frights and freaks and fantasticly fun dancing! This week we’re celebrating Halloween! Be sure to wear a costume or, if you’re lacking in the creativity/motivation/desire to dress up wear your coziest/funnest/most awesome pair of pajamas instead(although you won’t be sleeping with the fantastic line-up we have tonight!)!

1 month free passes to Indigo blues will be given out as prizes for costumes/pajamas/whathaveyou, so you should all participate! Besides, who doesn’t like to watch zombies and werewolves blues?

Here’s the breakdown of the evening:

: Joe DeMers coming up from Denver! Woo!

If you come to the lesson (which starts at 8:30), admission is only $3 for the whole fantastic night! What a deal! (as it is every week!)

If you come between 9:30-9:45, it’s only $4, and after that it goes up to $5. But you’re all going to come early so you can get the most out of this great DJ line-up:
First Set: Adin
Second Set: Flip
See you all there in your best costumes/PJs!!! (I know mine is going to be fabulous…as soon as I figure out what it is!) Here’s a little inspiration to get you in the creepy mood!

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