Friday November 2nd–Battle of the Ages

What better way to bring in November than with an epic battle of the ages!? We’ve got an old school/new school battle going down between Heather and Brittany. Do you love feelin’ the soul of traditional blues or are you more to rockin’ out to blues-fusion? Come cast your vote and let the world know who you love more! I mean, whose music gets you on the floor!


This week we’re stoked to offer you a whole new adventure to undertake, balboa!

Instructor: Ben
Topic: Kick–off lesson for Balboa

Here’s a little snippet for those who aren’t that familiar with balboa. Check it out!

In addition to being a super fun dance, what a super amazing addition to your blues repertoire it’s going to be!

Then, as promised, we will be having our 

DJ Battle:
Heather representing Old School/Traditional Blues
Brittany representing New School/Blue-Fusion

Come out, learn a new dance, support your music and just have a fantastic time!!! I hope to see you all there!

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