Friday, November 16th–Prepare for Gluttony

I’m terribly sorry to those of you who went into withdraw without my post. I do hope everyone survived such a tragedy. Let us now move on to bigger and brighter things like TOMORROW!!
If you love food, you and me and have quite a lot in common. I love eating, but sometimes feel bad when I eat tons and tons of delicious foods (as I plan to do in a week). So, I like to do fun things that burn some calories so that I can rationalize eating EVEN MORE! HORRAY!!!!
Hmmmm what’s fun and a workout?
What a great coincidence as tomorrow there’s some fantastic dancing at the grange!

This week, prepare yourself for the food in your future (but not so soon that it ruins your appetite, see?) by checking out what we’ve got going on at the grange this week! Coming up from Denver for your dancing enlightenment we’ve got:

Instructor: Rachael DeMers
And after you’re done learning new amazing skills from an amazing dancer, we’ve got a great night of music lined up!

First set: Rachael DeMers
Second set: Brittney

Here’s my plan: dance at the grange tomorrow, eat in a week, dance at the grange a week from tomorrow. It then follows that since eating is sandwiched in between dancing, I can eat as much as I want! Yay totally flawed but tasty logic!

I hope to see you all there tomorrow! It’s going to be fabulous!

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