Friday, November 30–P-P-Partay!

This week the grange is going to be filled with phantastic phunky phun things that start with P, so so will this post!(Just kidding, that f to ph this is overrated, so I’m done with that…*phew*) The awesomeness we have in store, however, is NOT overrated!!

We’ll starting with a lesson that I’m really excited about, as I like to mix it up and keep my leads on their toes (and cause some great identity crises when all of a sudden they don’t know who is leading and who is following, what fun!)

Instructor: Ruth
Topic: Follows, do you ever get tired of sitting out when all the leads are taken? Leads, want to have those sexy man-dances that have been getting popular? This Friday I’ll be teaching a lead and follow-switched class at the Grange, 8:30! Leads will learn to follow and follows to lead.
We’ll also learn some fancy tricks to switch the lead mid-song! (Ruth, Facebook, Tuesday) {I’m such a nerd with my, granted improper, in-text citations, tee hee}

Instructor: Ben
Topic: Balboa

How does one top such a lesson, you may ask, and moreoever, what’s that got to do with the letter P? Don’t get your undies in a bunch, I’m getting there!!

Following the lesson, we’re going to have a PAJAMA PIZZA PARTY! Dress up in your bestest PJs, be it a sock monky onesie or hot pink fluffy pants with adorable spherical sheep or whatever other comfy clothing you clad yourself in!

Why yes, I DO own this fantastmic article of clothing. Jealous much?

Whatever you wear, be ready to pig-out on pizza and jam-out to tunes provided by our great

First Set: Nick
Second Set: Jake

Hope to see you all there for the P-P-PARTY!!!

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