Friday, December 6 — Even Possums Think Dancing is Awesome

For some of us it’s the beginning of the horror that is the week before final exams, for others it’s just another week wrapping up and for one man it is the first night on this planet he calls home after his decade of intergalactic travels that took him to the far reaches of the universe in search of the next greatest thing since sliced bread. There is one thing, however, that we can all agree about tomorrow…it’s the perfect night for dancing.

LESSON:Instructors: Nick and Brittney

After the awesome lesson by two of our excellent (and super entertaining!) instructors, we’ll bring you some awesome jams to dance the night away and forget about finals, the monotony of life or that horrific encounter with that “brave” little toaster and his crew of evil household appliances when you made that fateful pit-stop on Mars because you just HAD to photo-bomb Curiosity.

First set: Brittney
Second set: Ruth

The whole night is going to be awesome, possum! (Just look how excited he is to go out to such an fantastic night of dancing, and you should be too!)

Hey, Possum! Guess what? Indigo blues tomorrow!


Side note: apparently someone in Slovakia looked at this blog yesterday, so HI!!

I didn’t know all that many people read this, let alone someone in the big, wide, world! I hope at least someone is even a fraction as amused as I make myself when I write it. But most importantly, I hope you all make it dancing tomorrow night!!

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