Friday, December 14th–Deliciously Delightful Night of Dance

Are your craving a night of delectable dancing? Our connoisseurs of fine music and dance have compiled a menu for this evening sure to delight and awaken all your senses, except, perhaps, taste (we, being of the highest class, remind you that it is socially unacceptable to nibble one’s dance partner.)

We shall begin the evening with a light lesson provided by the master chef Rachael DeMers.
This tantalizing appetizer will then be followed by a savory first course of music served by Racheal DeMers. If you have a taste for a bite of Balboa before indulging in the main course, Ben will be catering to those interested in a lesson downstairs after Rachael’s lesson wraps up at 9:30.

Sous chef Flip will then wrap up the evening with a decadent concoction of sweet melodies.  It will be like a dark chocolate, toffee brownie smothered with rich caramel and chocolate, topped with mounds of airy whipped cream drizzled with exquisite raspberry syrup complete with a cherry on top, for. your. ears.

If this description makes your soul salivate, satisfy your cravings by joining us tomorrow night. Everyone is invited, from amateurs to full-blown epicures for an evening that is sure to delight.

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