Friday January 18th–No Mistakes, Just Dancing

I pondered writing a nice bloggity blog post on what it means to be a “lead” and a “follow” and how to have a fantastic dance with absolutely anyone. But it just became a ramble, and who wants that? So here is a nice little quote that has ticked my fancy this week.

“If [your follow] does something that you didn’t intend, recognize that she still made a valid alternate interpretation of the signals you gave her. She didn’t make a “mistake”.

No, don’t just recognize it. Show her that you know she didn’t make a mistake, by flowing along with her during her valid alternate interpretation.

She’s dancing — try to keep up with her” -Richard Powers

Take note guys, girls, leads and follows as I think we can all gain something from focusing on totally awesome dances instead of right/wrong moves. To check out the rest of the article, click here.

Now, do you think you can keep up with your partner so that you both can rock out to some awesome jams??? Prove it! Come on out to Indigo Blues this week! Start off with an always fabulous

Instructor: Ruth

I know she loves teaching and always has great ideas so be sure to get there promptly by 8:30 and try to learn some of her magical ways.

Following the lesson we’ve got a most excellent night of tuneage.

First Set: Austin Werth
Second Set: Flip

I, for one, am stoked for tomorrow, and you should be too! I hope to see you all there as we have another great night of dancing and frivolity!

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