Friday, January 25th–The Ol’ Switcharoo

Follows, do you ever have a really awesome move you want to do and no matter how much you stare meaningfully at you lead and send very detailed brainwaves in their direction, they never lead what you really want to do? Or perhaps you’re a lead and you’re crumpling under the obligation of know where your feet are, where your follow’s feet are, where other people are, listening to the music, knowing what you’re doing now, knowing what you’re going to do next…and for once YOU want to be the one who gets taken around the dance floor, care and worry free and made to feel like the belle of the ball.

Maybe you’re looking to challenge the traditional views of dance with a designated lead dominating the dance and a designated follow flitting along.

Or maybe you get a little diabolical thrill from messing with your partner and watching the follow’s face fill with horror at the expectation that they lead. Maybe you’ve been the follow in this instance and don’t want to give your partner the satisfaction of freaking you out!

Whatever your motives, this week’s lesson will give you the tools to switch up lead and follow roles mid-dance!

LESSON: 8:30-9:30 upstairs
Instructor: Tyler and Nick
Topic: Switching Roles

Following that lesson, we will have our weekly
BALBOA LESSON: 9:30-10:30 basement
Instructor: Ben

Once you figure out the secret to a smooth volley of power (and maybe a few new balboa moves!), test it out on (un)suspecting (hey, if you go to the lesson, you’ll be prepared for such madness!!) partners with our awesome

First Set: Nick
Second Set: Ruth

I hope you all can make it and I’ll see you out on the floor!

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