Friday February 8–A Grand Farewell to the Grange

I’ve made many fond memories at the grange, in fact it’s where I first was introduced into the wonderful world of blues! Although I’m very excited that Indigo Blues will be moving to bigger and better places (bringing you all along with it, seeing as you ARE Indigo Blues) I will miss the grange. Hopefully you think of the grange as fondly as I do, so be sure to come out tomorrow and dance to give the grange the fond farewell it deserves!!

Our evening will begin with a classy duo teaching the
LESSON:Instructors: Nick and Brittney

and as always, after the main lesson there is a
BALBOA LESSON: 9:30-10 in the basement
Instructor: Ben

Following what are sure to be fantastic and fun lessons we have some awesome DJ’s who have killer playlists to serenade the grange with.
First Set: Darlington
Second Set: Brittney

I hope to see you all there tomorrow!!!

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