Friday Februrary 22nd–ft. Chris and Chris for Dancing Bliss

We had such a great time last week at the Masonic Temple. What a great venue!

Big news for this week!! If we get 100 people through that door tomorrow, Brittany will make a fool of herself! I mean…Brittany will dance us a beautiful dance inspired by the blues community’s awesomeness! It’ll be like a fantastical combination of this

and this

plus awesome times 1,000,000. Why? Because YOU’RE WORTH IT!

BUT! She’ll only dazzle us if we get 100 people there tomorrow! So grab all of your friends and bring them out for a night of great dancing!

We’ll start the evening at 9:30 8:30 with our
Instructor: Chris Arnold

Followed by some rockin’ tunage by our
First Set: Chris Arnold
Second Set: Chris Benton

With this much Chris, how could you NOT have a good time?

I can’t wait to see you (and all your friends and strangers-that-will-soon-be-friends-due-to-you-exposing-them-to-the-awesomeness-that-is-Indigo-Blues that you lovingly drag along) there!

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