Friday March 1–Merrily Bring In March!

Greetnigs my lovely dancers! I hope you were all there to witness Brittney’s expression of devotion to this community through dance! It was fantastical to the max! Maybe if we show super duper enthusiasm, we’ll get even more surprises!

Now on to the good stuff! This week’s


The lesson is free, and if you PARTICIPATE in the lesson, you get $1 off the night of dancing! What an awesome deal, get better AND save money? Win-Win!

However, this discount only applies to those who FULLY PARTICIPATE in the lesson to absorb as much of the stellar knowledge our awesome instructors bring to the floor.

Have you ever been to a meeting or a class where there is someone lurking in the dark back corner not participating or contributing but just…watching…Yeah, it’s weird. Don’t be the creepy person in the shadows just…watching…the lesson. Get out on the floor! Participate! Learn!

We want to encourage you all to fulfil your entire potential to be a fantabulous dancer! So the discount only applies to those who PARTICIPATE in the lesson, not to those who come and WATCH the lesson.
If you really think that the lesson just isn’t your thing or you arrive a bit early, we are going to ask you to stay out in the lobby area to chat and get warmed up for the awesome evening ahead so that the lesson isn’t interrupted and all the participants can get a great experience.

Now the the PSA is over, let’s see who will be providing our fun filled sets this week!

First Set: Nick
Second Set: Tyler

I hope you all come out for a great lesson and a mind-bogglingly (I’m running out of adjectives to express my excitement for Indigo Blues) brilliant night of dancing!


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