Friday, March 8th–Dare to Dance

Moral of the title: when you’re a bit late and a bit rushed, go with the inspirational sounding title. It’ll make people think they need to take a moment and reflect on life and dancing and how joyous everything is even when you’re stressed, thereby making them forget that they’re seeing this post the day of. Soo…DARE TO DANCE!!!!!

This week we have a really fun evening planned out for you starting with the


Instructors: The dynamic duo: Nick and Brittney

We know they make a great teaching duo, but doesn’t that also sound like a great sitcom? I know I’d watch it.

After the excellent lesson, we have an awesome night of tunage brought to you by our

First Set: Darhlington
Second Set: Brittney

This is sure to be a great evening so dare to dance yourself out to Indigo Blues and then dance and dance some more!!

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