Friday May 17th–Bring in the Beginners

A quick PSA:

I know you all probably get caught up in our great lessons and want to get straight to dancing but please, PLEASE don’t forget to pay! If you join us for the beginning lesson it’s only $4 and $5 otherwise. That is a steal for such an awesome event, and in order to keep it going we NEED your support. It costs quite a lot to have a big, spacious location, great teachers and stellar DJs. We want to keep bringing you the best, so please pay your entry fees! 

Now onto the fun stuff!

This week we have the amazing Ruth and Mike will be joining us to teach the beginner’s lesson. Here’s a little sample of their amazingness!

This is the PERFECT time to bring all your new friends to get them HOOKED on blues.

This is the 
8:30-9:30 main room downstairs
FREE with a $1 discount to get into the dance
Instructors: Ruth and Mike

8:30-9:30 upstairs
    $25 for the remainder of the series
           last week to get a discount over the drop-in price

   $10 drop in

these prices include the dance afterword!!
Instructors: Ruth and Eric

 Ruth and Mike all night!!

I hope you can all make it to our excellent lessons and music this week!

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