Join the July Dance Braket Competition!

What is the best way to get a year of free dancing? WINNING THE INDIGO JULY DANCE BRACKET! The best way to do that is to be at ALL the dances this month – here is the breakdown:

Indigo Blues 2013 Dance Bracket Rules and Instructions

General Rules:
You are paired with one other dancer, in the order of entrance, to COMPETE against each week, whoever has the most points for the night advances…you only really have to beat THAT dancer in order to advance….we do not suggest sabotage.

How You Win:
The final 3 “couples” (may not be lead-follow) will receive a free private lesson in order to develop a choreography to perform the last week of the competition (July 26th). Final winners will be selected based on these performances by a panel of judges.

What You Win:
The WINNERS of the competition will receive a YEAR OF FREE DANCING AT INDIGO! From August 2013 – August 2014, all Indigo Sponsored events will be free to you!

Getting Points:
*You are awarded 1 point for each person you dance with. You must dance with at least 5 people in order to qualify for these points and dancing more than once with the same person will only get you one point, not one point per dance. The person you are dancing with must sign off on these points.
*You are awarded 2 points each for participating in a jam circle or for dancing with the instructor from the lesson. You must get your dance card signed by the instructor or a member of the Dance Board, respectively, for these points.
*You get 3 points for taking a volunteer shift – the Dance Board Member “In Charge” of the evening needs to sign off on these points.
*You automatically get 4 points for attending the dance! Get the front door person to sign off on this one!
*You get 5 points for attending the lesson! The instructor for the evening must sign off on these points.

Wild Cards:
If you are unable to compete the first week or are eliminated from the competition, you can submit your dance cards for a Wild Card Slot. The top two point-earning dancers from these submissions will be chosen as a wild card team and will also perform for a chance to win. However, this team will NOT be given special instruction – they are on their own!

Dance Cards:
The dance cards will be provided each week at the front desk. Only one entry per person per night. By midnight, it is each competitor’s responsibility to have their total points recorded at the front desk. All points not in by midnight will not be counted. Competitors are responsible for keeping track of their dance cards. Competitors are responsible for holding on to their dance cards in order to submit them for a Wild Card position (Submitted July 19th by midnight).

Any Questions or Discrepancies are to be solved by the Dance Board Members with final decisions and rulings by Heather and Brittney.

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