Friday, September 13th–Dancing in the Rain!

There was a bit of a kufuffle last week (it’s a techinical term) and I’d like to give a shout out to the awesome house party that replaced Indigo Blues last week.

But worry not! We are not actually dancing IN the rain, as we are definitely at the Masonic Temple this Friday! Bring your friends! Bring your kin! Bring strangers off the street! (Unless they look suuuper sketch, then maybe let them be).

No one will want to miss the great lineup we have to heat you up (rawr!) after this cool, rainy week!

LESSON: 8:30-9:30 Main Room
Ruth and Eric

You know they both make awesome pour down from the dancetacular clouds, so don’t be left out in the rain, come to the lesson! (Not to mention you get $1 off the dance afterward!)

Following that funky flood (I can never resist some good ol’ alliteration) we have great tunes brought to you by our

First Set:
Jake Conant
Second Set: Flip Senn

As you wait for the week to finish up, take advantage of the weather and work on your moves Gene Kelly style

and we’ll see you on Friday!

PS Here is a little pig in rain gear because I love pigs and I love rain and I love d’awwwww!

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