Friday, September 20–BACK TO SCHOOL PARTY

Schools back!! Wooo! (Well, I’m excited anyway!) To celebrate (or commiserate) this lovely time of year, Indigo Blues is hosting a back to school party, TONIGHT!! And it’s still only $5 for the whole shabang! (Read on to learn how you could get in for FREE!)

It is going to be filled to the brim with fantasticness!


LESSON: 8:30
Instructors: Nick and Brittney

Topic: ABC’s of Blues- Starting with some basics and then diving deep into concepts that aren’t often covered, this lesson is perfect for new and well seasoned dancers alike!

Remember, attending the lesson gets you $1 off the dance!


We have a super awesome treat tonight! Fort Collin’s own Nick Bonnet (the very one that is teaching you your ABC’s) and his band will be preforming LIVE from 10:30-12:15! How exciting is that!?!?!?!?!

check it!

The rest of the evening will be DJed by Brittney and Nick


As if live music wasn’t enough for a spectacular evening, we’re also holding a wicked awesome raffle with PRIZES including:
2 – 1 hour long private lessons with Brittney or Eric
2- 1 month dance passes

1- Full semester dance pass


We are so excited from all the goodness that’s going on tonight and we want EVERYONE to know about it! This means that we are going to PAY YOU to bring your FRIENDS! That’s right, for every friend you bring, we’ll take $1 off your admission. So finally getting your friends to the dance (we know you’ve been meaning to) could get you a free night of live music (no, if you bring more friends we won’t start paying you, but hey, don’t leave anyone at home!) and a chance at awesome prizes!

I hope you can all make it out. You most certainly don’t want to miss it!!

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