Friday, October 11th–Roll in with Fall

The leaves are changing, it’s hot, it’s cold. It might be 80 now, but it could snow in an hour. It’s our good ol’ week-o-fall in Colorado. Characterized as a battle between winter and summer with a sprinkling of leaves to crunch! You too can be hot and cool, all in the same night, by joining us at Inidgo Blues this Friday!

LESSON: 8:30-9:30
Instructors: Ruth and Karl
Price: $4 for the lesson and dance for lesson attendees who arrive before 9


Let me take a moment to draw your attention to a small change in our pricing. You still get in cheaper when you ATTEND the lesson. So do it! What have you got to lose? But please don’t come early and just lurk. Join! It’s the only way you’ll learn and the only way you’ll get $1 off. We stress that, out of respect to the instructor(s), other dancers and to get the most out of the lesson that you arrive on time. We understand tardiness happens, but arriving after 9:00 means you have to pay $5 regardless of if you try to catch the last half hour of the lesson.

To summarize:

8:30-9:00 for active participants in the lesson, lesson and dance, $4

after 9:00 $5 for the whole night

Remember, we just want everyone to get the most out of the evening and be able to continue to provide you with awesome instructors and DJs. They are worth every penny!!


Fall into dancey splendor (eh…cause it’s Fall…eh???…okay, maybe it was a little forced) after the lesson to the awesome songs provided by our

Frist Set: Kelsey WaymanSecond Set: Jake Sumearll

Embrace October and all the awesomeness it brings (crunchy leaves, pretty colors, pumpkins, Halloween, my birthday) and join us this week for a great Friday night!

Here’s a puppy dancing in leaves

You’re welcome

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