Friday, November 1st–Comfy Cozy Friday

What do you do after a crazy Halloween night and before you hit alll the parties this weekend? You take a break from your rad but complex and perhaps uncomfortable costumes without missing out on a great evening.

How? Where?
By coming to Indigo Blues for PAJAMA NIGHT!! A great way to kick off your Halloween weekend without all the work. In fact, we will REWARD you for being LAZY! Woo!! Anyone who shows up in pajamas will get DOUBLE RAFFLE TICKETS ACROSS THE SKY!!! And we’re having an awesome raffle this week with blues music, free dancing and some gift cards. So put on the onsie and come in your best PJs!

Or you could combine a costume and pajamas. Double win! Bananas in pajamas, are dancing everywhere!

In addition to being an awesome party with candy and jammies, we’ve got a great night of dancey goodness.

LESSON: Instructors: Julia and Kevin

Topic: Beginner less. BRING ALL THE NEWBIES! Drag your friends! You won’t regret it!



First Set: Kevin

Second Set: Beatrice


I hope to see all you snuggly, comfy folks out tomorrow!

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