Dance-cember Schedule is Up!

Chilly weather is perfect for snuggling up close and doing some blues dancing. Join us for the month of December to take part in some fantastic lessons and fabulous music. Here’s what we’ve got in store for you:

December 5th – Indigo Night

Come dressed in shades of indigo and dance the night away. We’ll be taking a group picture of everyone in blue around announcements time. Following a lesson by Jake Sumearll and Rhea Gluckman called “Close Embrace – Slow, Lyrical, and Glitch,” you’ll be treated to some tunes from Adin Van Duyne and Nathanael Volckening.

December 12th

Lesson – TBA

DJs: Jake Sumearll & Kevin Fleischmann

December 19th

Lesson – TBA

DJ: Julia Way

December 26th – Dance Canceled

We’ll be canceling the dance since it is the day after Christmas, but get pumped because the following dance will be our New Year’s Eve celebratory dance-a-thon.


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