She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain When She Comes

This week’s dance is going to be epic! We have Kara Fabina coming up from Colorado Springs to teach a lesson on Funk Styles: Cross-training is useful to push past any learning plateaus or create your own style of movement. Kara will be sharing her love of funk styles, such as locking, hip hop, and popping movements. She’ll help you bring out your inner dance freak.

11010522_834348389078_3070482336470122681_nKara Fabina is an international dance instructor based in Colorado Springs. Since 2008 she has been teaching and competing jazz, swing and blues throughout the world. Having been dancing for almost two decades, Kara brings both knowledge and experience to the dance floor. She has been recognized internationally for her choreography as well as her achievements in competitions. As an instructor, she stresses connection with one’s partner, connection to the music, and intention in dancing. Her real passion is to become a dance historian and study each style’s rich history and culture.

Following the Lesson, Kara will be trading off sets with our house DJ, Julia, in both blues and fusion.

It’s not a night to be missed and, as always, the dance is only $5! If you want to get into the dance for FREE you can sign up to volunteer at the door. Email for more information.

Going on now through the end of December, each time you volunteer to work the door, set up, or take down, your name will be entered into our sweepstakes. The drawing will be held at our first dance in 2016.

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