Indigo Blues: Year of the Phoenix


Indigo is moving onwards and upwards! (Literally.)

Welcome to Indigo’s year of the phoenix. Join us as we move from the basement ballroom at the Masonic Temple to our new home lofted above the streets of Old Town!

Join the renaissance of Indigo Blues. Bring your favorite socks (no outside shoes allowed on the floor!). Bonus points if you come decked out in flaming phoenix colors.

Special Occasion for the night:
#firstfriday snacks!
Glitter make-up to light up your face
Volunteer sweepstakes winners announced

Lesson on Connecting to your Partner and the Music from Ruth.
Melty, molten fusion blues sets provided by Julia and Darlington.

Our New Year resolution is to revamp Indigo Blues: Better space, better lessons, better music, better dances! Come help us check off item #1 and break in the new venue at Om Ananda Yoga (115 N College Ave #200)



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