September 26th – Throwback night at the grange!

Tonight’s dance is a throwback to old times and will be hosted at our old venue, the Grange! Normal times still apply: enjoy a lesson on Musicality from Tyler and Varvara from 8:30-9:30, sweet tunes from Varvara first set, and Darlington taking us home ’til 1 am. As always, it’s $5 for the whole night, or $4 if you arrive for the lesson.

Don’t go to the Masonic Temple this week; you’ll be sad and alone. Come reminisce with us at the Grange! There may even be a special surprise…

Hey August, how you doin’?

Hello hello, ladies, gentlemen, everyone! Tonight, for your dancing pleasure, Indigo has prepared a number of wonderful festivities, just for you. Yes, you specifically. Starting the first day of August right, our line-up is:

Intructors: Heather (Though maybe Ruth) with a beginner lesson!

DJ1: Jake Sumearll, recently back from travels.

DJ2: Flip (Me)

We’re looking at a traditional first set from Jake, followed with some more fusion focused music from me.

Also! I am officially moving to San Francisco within the next 2-3 weeks. This will likely be my final night hosting and DJing. It has been a pleasure dancing and being with you all. Hope to see you tonight!

Summer Nights at Indigo

As they say in 70/80’s television, Hey Hey Hey! We have a wonderful looking set for you all this week, and we’re hoping you all come to the fantastic scene at the Indigo. If you’re put off by the weather, just remember that the Masonic dance floor is below ground, where it’s nice and cool. And we have a new DJ making her debut as well!

Instructors: Tyler Hotpants Gravel and Varvara Sassyhips Volckening

DJ1: Rachel Nash (Premier)

DJ2: Adin Van Duyne

Hope to see you all there. Also, in case you didn’t get it, it’s from Fat Albert.

June 18th – Dancing in the Rain

Good afternoon, fellow dancers. This Friday night we have a fantastic dance planned for you all. With all the stormy weather, some dancing is exactly what is needed to shake off the rain.

Instructor: Darlington Wleh

DJ1: Even more Darlington

DJ2: Nick Bonnett

Nick will be out promoting his band’s new EP, copies of which he will be giving out for free! There will be great music, great dancers, and the start to a great weekend. Hope to see you all there!

June 11th – Dance dance in yo pants

You can also dance in your skirt, shorts, kilt, or any other lower-body garmet.  We like them all!  There are lots of great reasons to come tonight:

  • Lesson by Ruth and Eric revealing the most important thing they learned at Mile High Blues
  • First ever DJ set by Luke Lebkisher
  • Second set by the always fabulous Varvara
  • Special announcement (Ooo, the suspense!)

Come on out and share in the fun.  See you all tonight!

Friday Night: So. Dang. Good.

Haaaappy Friday all of you wonderful dancing souls! This evening we celebrate the final Friday night dance in June with some fantastic selections of blues for your enjoyment. The lesson will be taught by the venerable Rhea Gluckman and Darlington Wleh, who will be helping you prepare your skills for Mile High Blues coming up next week. As for DJs, the first set will be covered by the very same Rhea, with a follow up by Mr. Adin van Duyne. Toe tapping and hip shaking is guaranteed for all.


As a follow up announcement, we will NOT be having Indigo the following two Fridays, the 27th and the 4th, for Mile High and the Fourth of July, respectively. As much as we like seeing you, don’t come. You’ll be sad and alone. Activities will resume the 11th of July. Hope to see you all tonight!

Dancing wonderment for June 13th.

Hello hello everyone! I hope you are all getting excited for an excellent weekend of dancing. Mile High Blues is just around the corner and now is the time to polish your moves before learning an entire set of new ones.
The lesson will be given by Mr. Tim Lutter, focusing on frame matching, followed by some funky tunes provided by Darlington Wleh in the first set, and the ever sensual Tyler Gravel in the second set.

Sound interesting? Rhetorical question. It does. Hope to see all your wonderful selves there!

May 30th – Signed, Sealed, Delivered

I’m yours!

School is over, and it’s finally starting to feel like summer.  Come dance the night away with us!

Kick things off with a lesson from Amanda Steel.  Amanda’s a veteran dancer who ran the blues scene in Laramie for many years; you’re sure to learn something new from her.

DJ begin with the one and only Adin Van Duyne in the first set, and feature the triumphant return of Brittany Wolf for the second set.  What’s that? It sounds like awesome?  Yes, yes it does.

All this can be yours for the low, low price of $5! $4 if you come to the lesson – what a steal!  See you all there!