Special Events

Christmas In July

Has the heat of summer in Colorado been dragging you down? Are you missing that special holiday cheer? Christmas in July is the event for you! Bring your Santa hats, wear your scarves with your tank top, come dressed for summer holiday cheer!

At the event, there will be snacks, a photo booth, a pillow fort and more!

Event Details:

July 19th, 2019


Cost: $5-8 sliding scale (last month of this rate before prices increase!)

LIVE Music with Dante Zapata and Solo Blues with Cierra Ruffin

It’s a doozie, folks! We’re going to have not one but TWO special guests for this incredible dance in our new venue.

11144416_10206879193402052_1070073650905022674_n To start off the night, Cierra Ruffin from Denver will be teaching a lesson on solo blues movement. Cierra loves dance but it was not always this way. After a simple choice to attend a college dance class, Cierra fell in love with the deep expression and connection that can come out of dance. Once addicted, Cierra started teaching dance in Cincinnati for a few years, while traveling the country to learn more. A recent transplant to Denver and a member of the Rocky Mountain Blues Troopers, Cierra brings a unique perspective on what it means to be an expressive dancer and cultureal context to blues dance. Cierra strongly believes that dance is a relationship that starts with you, then the music, then your partner, and finally the audience. With that in mind, Cierra classes tend to be very personalized and collaborative as the group works together to find dance within their own bodies.

Here’s a word on the solo class from Cierra: “We’ve all had this moment. A song you love comes on and everyone is already dancing. Do you dare step out on the floor alone to express what you are feeling and hearing? Or do you sit out? Come develop your relationship with the music and yourself through the power of solo movement. We will work with tools that will help you be expressive no matter what level of comfort with dancing solo you are at!”

11692568_10153412256428431_2435770006324247035_nThen stick around afterwards because we’re going to have LIVE MUSIC with Dante Zapata from Portland. A one-man band of sorts, Dante is sure to have you moving and grooving with his soudful voice and bluesy style. He’s a Portland, OR multi-instrumentalist who plays in several different bands as well as performs as a soloist. Dante has made music his life since he was a child; he’s been playing and performing professionally for nearly a decade. When he’s not playing music, he is an avid social dancer and instructor. He uses his knowledge of dance to help bridge the gap between music and movement.

Cost: $8 to 12 sliding scale*

*We know this is a bit more than usual but remember that it costs a lot to bring in stellar live music from out of the state. If your finances are preventing you from going, please consider volunteering to get in for free. If you need other special accommodations, please talk to one of the organizers. We want you there!

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/529135707265228/



Kiss Me Deadly: A Valentine’s Dance


“Who shot him?” I asked. The grey man scratched the back of his neck and said, “Somebody with a gun.”
~Red Harvest

Join us for a night that you will never remember. This year Valentine’s meets noir film with fake moustaches, fedoras, and fake cigarettes a-plenty. We’ll kick the night off with our second lesson in the Black History Month series taught by Aimee Eddins from Denver. Following the lesson, we’ll have four hours of dark corners, mystery, and jet planes that always leave too soon. Our DJs for the night are Aimee and Nathanael.

We’ll be back at the lovely Masonic Temple this week. As always, the dance is $5 ($4 before 9pm), but if you want to get into the dance for FREE, you can volunteer at the door. Sign up on the google doc, send Julia a message or talk to Ruth at the dance.

RSVP on the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/396932530482968/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming




For those of you interested in honing your Drag Blues skills, or for those of you who don’t even know what Drag Blues is, check out our 5-week progressive lessons taught by talented teachers from Fort Collins, Denver, and outside Colorado (and check out this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuIt9ooDKXE)! Our lessons will start with everything you need to know for the basics and then progress to more challenging material. To allow you the  opportunity to practice your new-found skills, our first set of traditional blues will feature music perfect for dragging. Here’s a schedule of events for this awesome month:

October 3rd

Intro to Drag Blues with Josh Weiser and Heather Wakansari (Fort Collins, CO and Cheyenne, WY)

DJs: Josh and Darlington Wleh


October 10th

Building Your Toolbox with Emunah Selah and Ben Collins (Denver, CO)

DJs: Emunah/Ben and Ruth Bruhn


October 17th

Painting with Drag by Aimee Eddins and Lesley Perun (Denver, CO)

DJs: Lesley and Allison Danish


October 24th

Contra Body & Close Embrace by Mark Carpenter and Kelly Howard (Dance Nomads)

DJs: Mark and Kelly

*For more information on these two fabulous instructors, scroll down


October 31st

Multisyllabic Accents with Aimee Eddins and David Hendershot (Denver, CO)

DJs: Aimee and Rhea Gluckman

*Join us All Hallow’s Eve for a special Drag-themed Halloween party. Stay tuned for more details concerning the party.


Here is a sample video of Mark and Kelly dancing during an instructor demo at the San Diego Fusion Exchange (2012):


Kelly Howard

Kelly started dancing when she was five. After debuting in her first dance troupe in kindergarten with her sisters to “Everybody Dance Now”, the desire to move and express through dance grew. Gymnastics and sports filled her growing years through high school. She started Lhoward-300x300indy Hop in 2005 in University. With Seattle’s sexy dance scene nearby, she quickly was seduced by the saucy blues. After university, Kelly joined the circus and became a circus instructor for flying trapeze while performing professionally doing adagio acro. With her background in hip-hop, modern/jazz, and acro, Kelly naturally attached to the fusion movement, combining different styles of dance to musically express whatever song is playing. She’s been teaching partner dancing for the last 5 years, primarily focused in three dance genres: lindy-hop, blues and fusion. Nationally, Kelly has taught at the Fusion Exchange (San Francisco and Boston) and Urban Blues Recess in Portland, OR. She has also taught locally in Seattle for blues and fusion venues.

Mark Carpentercarpenter-300x300

Originally hailing from sunny California, Mark has been effectively nomadic for the last three years. He has spent most of this traveling in the United States dancing, teaching and enjoying life. His most recent adventures have taken him to Southeast Asia—specifically Korea and Thailand. He started partner dancing in 2005 and began teaching a year later, though he’s explored various other dance styles from hip-hop/break to contact improv.  Coming from a non-dance back­ground spanning theatre, music, and technology, Mark has a unique approach to dance, movement and the teaching of both. His constant goal is to make the impossible easy and the easy look impossible.










===Valentine’s Dance!===

v day dance flyers 1

Bring your date, bring you

r friends or just bring your fabulous self to Paint the Town Red this Valentine’s day at Indigo Blues!

On Feburary 14th, we are embracing the love in the air with a special Tango/Blues fusion inspired dance!

Starting at 8:30, we’ll have 2 (that’s 200% of the number we usually have) lessons! Good for any level in either dance style!


Blues connection: grounded, intense, amazing

Blues connection: grounded, intense, amazing

1) Blues for Tango Dancers
Can you molinete circles around everyone but feel like something is missing in your dance life? Are you loving your ganchos, bolleos and ochos but looking to loosen up and put a little pulse in your step? Maybe you’re tired of dancing in circles and want a little more directional freedom of movement. Come out and try (or strengthen, if you’ve joined us before!) grounding yourself in a little blues!

This night’s Instructors: Ruth and Tyler will help you learn blues technique and some fun new moves! It’ll put you in the perfect position to fuse all your embellishments and footwork with some pulse!

Tango connections: passionate, intimate, fantastic

2) Tango for Blues Dancers
Are you a champ in dips and pulsing but want a little footwork and structured finesse? Maybe you’ve got your inside and outside turns down but really want to know what an ocho or cruzada even is!  It may even come down to wanting to branch out from dodging while you dance and want a little more direction and traffic control on your dance floor.  Regardless of what draws you in to the exciting challenge of Argentine tango, our professional, Fort Collins tango instructors will be sure to give you new ways to connect and new moves to flaunt on the dance floor.

Do you have little to no experience with blues, tango or even any dance at all? Fear not! Pick your lesson and you’ll still be set to enjoy a wonderful evening of dancing, learning, growing and connecting!

Starting at 9:30, we’ll have our main room outfitted to enjoy both styles of dance and whatever fusion you create!


For the first half of the night, the dance floor will have a designated line of dance outer ring for those enjoying flaunting their new and old but hopefully inspired tango skills. The inner inner portion of the floor will be our usual style floor with no line of dance (but no lack of tango influence!)

First Set:
Our first set will include two DJs, one for more blues music (Julia) and one for tango music (Tom and Amy). The styles will alternate every three songs, perfect for alternating a tango tanda (set of dances) and blues dance! Everyone should be inspired to try both forms of dance! (And noone says only dance tango to tango music and blues to blues, both floor options are available for all songs!)

Second Set:The second set of the evening will encompass fusion to it’s fullest! Our lovely DJ will spin songs that will really push you to integrate all you’ve learned and all you know into some killer dances!

What would an Indigo Blues special event be without a little more pizzaz?

Dress to impress! Get out your fancy pants, lovely gowns and bow ties! Class and finesse! Remember, one should never turn down an opportunity to get dressed up!


We will be having super special awesome prizes for the raffle at announcement times. I don’t want to spoil all the mystery, but I’ll just throw out that private lessons are in the mix!


Our Cupids will be neither this obvious not this unnerving nor this scantly clad

Now I know you want in on this goodness, and I’m here to tell you that you have a chance to increase your chances for winning! We will have a “Cupid” on the floor, if you dance with Cupid you’ll recieve extra raffle tickets! I’ll give you fair warning, “Cupid” is a sneaky duck and doesn’t like to display their identity. Furthermore, our “Cupid” will be changing throughout the night. So, the best way to get tickets? Ask lots and lots of different people to dance! (Not to mention you’ll just have a way more fantastical night that way!)


Only $5 for the whole night.

In conclusion: Lessons will be at 8:30pm with the dance from 9:30-1:00 am. As always, we will be in the amazing Masonic Temple with a fantastic dance floor at 225 W. Oak Street.

I had a hard time coming up with words to describe a great dance connections. It’s something that you just have to experience. That’s why there is no better way to spend this lovely holiday than having a fantastic night of fantasticly deep connections with friends and loved ones, old and new!