The Dance Board

Jessica Zamba

jessica board member picFor 13 years I was a figure skater. I had to quit skating at the age of 17, which is when my friend first took me dancing. I have been dancing ever since. I have a love for blues dance and blues music which developed over the 5 years of my experience in dance. Over the years I got more and more involved in the blues and blues fusion scene in Fort Collins. Initially, I was very excited to be a DJ at Indigo which I did for about two years before I was trained to teach and host, and eventually become a board member. 

Other than dance I love to paint and create art. I am a senior at CSU studying political science and legal studies and have plans of attending law school and eventually…..hopefully becoming a judge. 

I am excited to be part of the board at Indigo Blues and do my best to make Indigo Blues a fun, welcoming, and exciting place. I am ready to hear the concerns, questions, and comments of those who are part of our dance family! Come dance with us!!!

Deija Clark

Bio coming soon!

Cas Crook

Bio coming soon!

Ruth Bruhn

Ruth’s been dancing for 10 years, and teaching and running Indigo Blues for 9 of them. She’s invested in paving the way for a more inclusive, educated, and fun community! Because, well, there’s no dance without dancers. Might as well have the best!

Previously, Ruth was a competitive swing dancer. She did Lindy Hop and east coast swing dancing, and still enjoys Waltz tango and a romping polka. She fell in love with blues dancing for the variety of its idioms (the storytelling! the conversation!), and fusion dancing for its creative expansiveness.

Ruth is addicted to learning and travels to events across the nation for classes. She’s even been hired to teach at some of them! Ruth has taught in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, California, and Washington. She loves a good challenge, and is always excited about new movement. 

Outside the dance, Ruth runs her own business, Feel Brighter LLC, where she does professional coaching, public speaking, consulting, and work in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

When she’s not working, you can find Ruth hiking in the mountains, or curled up around a good story–whether that’s a book or a video game. She’s proud to announce her regular 4th place in MarioKart. 

Josh Weiser

Began his dancing career in 1997 at Club Tico, formerly known as the City Park Center doing East Coast Swing.  He then began Lindy Hopping at CSU Swing in 1999.
Josh then went on a Grand Adventure in the United States Navy,  since swing dancing and Navy Uniforms go together like peas and carrots.  He continued swing dancing in the Historic town of Charleston South Carolina.

After his stint in South Cakalacky, The Navy sent him to Seattle, where he began Blues Dancing at Seattle underground in 2003.

Josh has been a member of Joe Demer’s Rocky Mountain Blues Troopers since its creation in 2013.  He has been performing, collaborating and teaching with the Troop and their influence since.