The Dance Board


Julia Way

Discovering dance as just a child (well, more of a child than she is now), Julia has been an active part of the Fort Collins social dance scene for nearly eight years. Starting with Lindy Hop (cliché, she knows), she most recently fell in love with traditional blues and blues fusion and hasn’t looked back since. Having a passion for all things social dance, she has gone on to DJ local scenes (Indigo Blues, Blues & Swing at OTY, Tuesday Blues at the Mercury Café, and the Dancing Root), teach beginner classes, and organize workshops and weekly dances in an effort to build a community that thrives on loving, learning, and sharing dance. Her knowledge and growing expertise come from her countless hours of learning through traveling to various dance scenes in the US and abroad. She splits her time between traditional blues events (most recently, Sweet Molasses Blues in Boston and European Blues Invasion in London) and Alt-Blues Recess events (Shakori Hills, Northwest Recess Massive, and Aspen Blues Recess). Julia is constantly working to improve her own dancing while simultaneously learning everything she can about DJing and organizing events. One of her most recent passions includes working to create safer dance spaces and educating those around her on topics of consent. When you see her on the dance floor, Julia values silliness, creativity, and musicality and strives to bring this out in her own dancing as well as in others. She loves cats, slow jazz, and consensual hugging.

Rhea Gluckman
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Rhea began ballet at age three, after becoming mesmerizers by a performance of the Nutcracker during the holiday season. Eleven years later, it was time to explore other dance forms, and  jazz, hip hop, modern, musical theater, salsa, ballroom, Argentinean tango and blues made it into the mix. Social dancing quickly became her greatest love, with tango and blues fusion being most favored. Rhea began blues dancing in 2008, after searching and finding a fun, committed group of blues dancers in Fort Collins. She became hooked and shortly after she and a friend traveled to the San Diego Fusion Exchange to soak up as many lessons as possible. Rhea now enjoys adding a fusion twist to her dances; incorporating her former dance training into blues foundations. She enjoys the creative and expressive possibilities inherent in dance, where partners join their unique styles in an interpretation of music. At Indigo Blues, you will find Rhea primarily on the dance floor, DJing and teaching, and creating and executing special events behind the scenes.


Ruth Bruhn

Bio coming soon!




Josh Weiser

Began his dancing career in 1997 at Club Tico, formerly known as the City Park Center doing East Coast Swing.  He then began Lindy Hopping at CSU Swing in 1999.
Josh then went on a Grand Adventure in the United States Navy,  since swing dancing and Navy Uniforms go together like peas and carrots.  He continued swing dancing in the Historic town of Charleston South Carolina.
After his stint in South Cakalacky, The Navy sent him to Seattle, where he began Blues Dancing at Seattle underground in 2003.
Josh has been a member of Joe Demer’s Rocky Mountain Blues Troopers since its creation in 2013.  He has been performing, collaborating and teaching with the Troop and their influence since.